Sunday, January 13, 2008

She is my Goddess

Being a worshipper

i am a submissive male. So it is not a surprise that i would end up as a slave to a Superior Lady. That i would worship the Woman who is my Mistress as my Goddess too, is something i never imagined until i met Supreme Goddess Lorena. Now it feels so natural and so good to me to worship Her as my Goddess that it is no difficult to image how i lived before meeting Her.

Specificity of the word 'Goddess'

It is good to be specific about the meaning of words: what do i mean by calling Her to Whom i belong my ‘Goddess’? Within the context of Female Supremacy it is of course a way to designate the superiority of a Woman over men. But we have other words to express that superiority, like Superior Lady or Mistress. So what does the word ‘Goddess’ add to our (or my) understanding of the superiority of Women?

Source of power

i have a D/s-relationship with my Goddess, and maybe the most obvious meaning of the word ‘Goddess’ is in the way i relate to Her. i am Her slave and i must serve Her, no doubt about that But what is the source of Her power over me? Is it Her right to command me and to punish me, like it is written in the slave contract that binds me to Her? The slave contract is very clear and precise, and certainly that gives Her power over me. But that is a kind of ‘external’ authority, a kind of authority that binds a slave to his Mistress in a more traditional sense.

By calling the Her to Whom i belong my ‘Goddess’ i refer to a deeper, more ‘internal’ authority. i am devoted to Her, and that devotion provokes an urge to serve Her. She has power over me just by ‘being’ that unique person She is. Her person is the most ultimate reference for my life. Her person gives ‘sense’ to my existence as a lowly male, and giving ‘sense’ to someone’s life surely is a Divine Power. As a slave, i must serve the needs of my Mistress, as Her worshipper these needs are for me a treasure, and serving Her is a privileged way to discover that treasure.

She 'is' Female Supremacy

But for me there is much more in the word ‘Goddess’ than a pure ‘personal’ relationship of a Superior Woman and an inferior male. By calling Her to Whom i belong my ‘Goddess’ i acknowledge it is through Her that i am related to the wider world, including the world of spirituality. As a Female Supremist i believe that we should take the principle of Female Supremacy as a way to organize households and societies and as a way to relate to Nature and the Universe. Women must take their natural superior place, and men, as the lowly beings they are, must serve and worship these Superior Women.

As a Goddess, Supreme Goddess Lorena ‘emanates’ this world of Female Supremacy. She makes clear in a very intuitive way that such a world is possible and that it is a world of beauty. The way She radiates Female Supremacy opens the senses and the mind of people (Women as well as men) for this reality that stayed hidden during so many centuries. In Her creativity She even ‘creates’ this future world of Female Supremacy. As an inferior male i can never have that same sensitivity and that same creativity as my Goddess But through worshipping my Goddess i have access to Her world of beauty and perfection. And maybe by worhsipping Her i help to create a field of energy that makes Her power stronger.

The efforts of being a Goddess

Is every Woman a Goddess? That is an interesting, but difficult question. And as an inferior male, i am not in the position to give a definite answer. At least in actual society, where Female Supremacy is not yet generally accepted, not al Women act like a Goddess. It are the strong and convinced Women who actually take a leading role in the coming of Female Supremacy. So the word ‘Goddess’ means to me also a Woman who accepts Her leading role in the coming of Female Supremacy. i am convinced that to be a Goddess in that sense of the word is partly a matter of ‘talent’, being a Goddess is a gift. And it is partly a matter of effort and dedication. That is clear in the life of Supreme Goddess Lorena. She is gifted, very gifted. But the fact that She is a Supreme Goddess now is also the result of choices She made in Her life and a lot of effort.

my efforts compared to Her's

Of course, being the slave of a demanding Woman like Supreme Goddess Lorena asks a lot of effort. Of course worshipping Her asks a lot of effort. But after all, what are my efforts compared to Her’s? If my slavery can make Her life more enjoyable, it is worth the effort. If my slavery can add to Her power as a Goddess i know my life as an inferior male is not wasted.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's resolution

Pinnacle 2007

Looking back at 2007, the pinnacle of my personal life was that Supreme Goddess Lorena took ownership of me as Her slave. It is somewhat strange for a man who is aware of his submissive feelings that it took him so long to finally make the step of becoming a slave of a Superior Woman. But finally i did it, and it feels good. So, when i watched this video clip of Supreme Goddess Lorena, it was like She was talking about me. Why did i loose so much time before making up my mind?

Easy to be a slave

Being someone’s slave makes life easier in some ways. For instance it is very easy to make a New Year’s resolution for the year to come. It is simply being a better slave to Supreme Goddess Lorena. i don’t need to fill in the details now. She taught me the right attitude as the slave of a Superior Woman. It means learning to see Her as Your Goddess, and to consider Her needs as superior, and then train yourself to be attentive to all Her needs. Of course i will not be a ‘perfect’ slave the coming year. But as it feels now i see some margin to grow in my submission.

my work for Her

i feel comfortable that at least i will be useful to Supreme Goddess Lorena. Recently i am doing a lot of work on Her video clips (that are now available in membersection of the Academy for slaves). i even made a clip of my own where i tell about my training at the Academy. Supreme Goddess Lorena allows me to have my own blog so that i can communicate about my feelings for Her and that i can promote Her ideas about Female Supremacy. And She allows me to join some webforums so that i can tell other slaves about the beauty of Lorenaism. i know my work means something to Supreme Goddess Lorena, so i am proud i can do this for Her.

my hope as a slave

Of course, Supreme Goddess Lorena may choose how She would use me. But if i have one hope or one wish for the upcoming year, it is that i can serve Her in a more personal way. That is of course what every slave is hoping for, to serve his Mistress in a most personal way. But serving Supreme Goddess Lorena is something very special, just because She is so very special. She really is a wonderful person, creative, humorous, intelligent… and serving Her needs is a privileged way for a lowly male to know this wonderful person. i just want to know Her, and to be close to Her, and the only way to do so is being Her slave.

and you?

i know most people are making their New Year’s resolutions these days. And maybe if you are a submissive man too, you are pondering the idea of doing something with your submission in 2008. Well, give yourself a nice New Years present and become a member of the Academy for slaves. Maybe this is a strange idea, few people will consider entering a harsh training to become a slave as a ‘present’. i can give you a few good reasons why indeed it is a present. First of all you learn to know Supreme Goddess Lorena and the other Mistresses of the Academy. And second, you learn to know yourself. The Mistresses of the Academy know how to mould you into the slave your submissive self longs to be. Look again at that video clip, surely you’re not the only male submissive who hesitates… But just do it… i did it, and i don’t regret it.


i don’t want to end this little article without stating my gratitude towards Supreme Goddess Lorena. Thank You, my Goddess, for convincing me to enter the Academy for slaves and for the sincere training You gave me. Thank You for taking ownership of me, for the work i can do for You and for the way You are commanding me. Thank You, Supreme Goddess Lorena, for giving me Your Holy Days each month so that i can worship You in the way it pleases You. Thank You for just being that unique person You are and for sharing Your life with this lowly male.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Thank Goddess i have no rights.

She has all rights over me

Recently Supreme Goddess Lorena accepted me as Her owned slave. This means that within our relationship She has all rights over me and i have no rights at all. It is me who begged Supreme Goddess Lorena to own me. It is me who begged Her to take all rights over me. It is my –last- free choice. i made that choice because i am a Female Supremacist and i believe Lorenaism is the most complete form of Female Supremacy. Becoming the owned slave of Supreme Goddess Lorena and giving Her all rights over me is for me an act of faith.

The era of equal rights

As most of the people of my age i am used to the idea of ‘equal rights’ between Women and men. i even consider it a good idea for the society at large at this moment. That is: as long as the rights of Women are violated everyday the idea of equal rights at least reminds us of this violation. But at the same time it feels like a liberating idea to me to give up this idea in the most special relationship i have with Supreme Goddess Lorena.

A defensive dynamic

Just because it is against common sense to give another person all rights over you, it is difficult to explain why it feels like liberation. But lets try it… Maybe i can start by asking when do you need the idea of ‘having rights’? In my opinion, you don’t need this idea when everything goes smooth. You need this idea when things go bad. And because things go bad you have to ‘defend’ your rights against someone trespassing these rights. So, the dynamics of a relationship based on ‘equal rights’ is defensive in the end. When you feel the other is ‘more equal’ than you, you want to become ‘more equal’ than him or her. And there you go for another round of boxing.

The dynamics of mutual growth

The dynamics of a relationship where all the rights are for the Superior Woman and the inferior man who is Her slave has no rights is completely different. Strangely enough this relationship leads to mutual growth and mutual nurturing. The basic right for the Woman is to be served in all Her needs. She can use Her slave to cater for Her needs without taking into consideration his ‘needs’ or his ‘rights’. By using a man in this way, She has the comfortable life She deserves, but at the same time She discovers new needs time and again. And for the man who is serving this needs this is the most beautiful way to discover a world that is not his but Hers.

Being part of Female Harmony

If a Woman has the freedom to explore Her world in a natural way, and She feels the support of a man serving Her in this exploration, this evidently leads to a world of more beauty, more peace and more spiritual fulfilment. These are the driving forces of Femininity whereas the driving forces of masculinity are competition and destruction. So it is a men’s world that needs the idea of equal rights, because without this idea destruction would be complete. In a Women’s world this idea isn’t necessary because the driving force of Femininity leads to a deeper kind of harmony. Giving up his ‘rights’ and becoming a slave of a Superior Woman is the one best way for a man to take part of that harmony.

The power of a Goddess

As a Female Supremist i believe all Women are superior, just because They have the inner forces to create such a world of harmony. In the given circumstances (a male governed world) not all Women have the force to make contact with their inner self in a deep enough way to liberate these forces. Women like Supreme Goddess Lorena have some special power that let them link to these natural source within themselves, even in the difficult situation of the present day world. It is this special power that makes this rare Women true Goddesses. Becoming a slave of a Woman of such divinity, giving Her all rights over me, is an act of faith. The faith that Women have the power to create a world of harmony, and that by serving a Woman in Her superior needs brings this better world closer to Her and to me.

From personal relationship to society

Of course, i am talking here about a personal, intimate relationship. It is within this relationship that i give up all personal rights. i believe this is as far as we can go in a world that is mainly male governed. In this world we need to stick to the idea of Human Rights at a societal level. As a Female Supremist i do everything that is possible to bring Female Supremacy at a societal level too. In that world the idea of Human Rights will be superseded by the idea of Female Harmony. i thank Supreme Goddess Lorena for showing me this world in Her philosophy and in Her great novel ‘Femaria, City of Women’.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy to be owned


About two months have passed since i added my last article to my blog. There is a reason for this. In this period i asked Supreme Goddess Lorena to take ownership of me. For me it was an important period of hoping She would accept me as Her property but also of reflection on what it truly means to become the owned slave of a Superior Lady. During this period it was natural for me to be silent, as it was natural to stay in chastity. This week Supreme Goddess Lorena announced She accepts me as Her owned slave. And now i can’t wait to write about it.

She picked me out of the crowd

Of course i want to share my feeling of fulfilment with you. Finally, i am what i always wanted to be. A slave. And finally, i am what i never dare to hope for. The slave of Supreme Goddess Lorena. Supreme Goddess Lorena taught me every Woman is superior to all male beings. So, every Woman has the right to own me as Her slave. But for me, Supreme Goddess Lorena is so special, so natural in Her dominance, so complete as a Person that i really longed to be Her slave. But what special qualities i have to offer to a Lady who can really pick Her slave out of the crowd? So, now that She has decided to own me as Her slave, i see this not as an ending point, but as a starting point to perfect my qualities as a slave every day i am allowed to serve Her.

The joy of being a slave

Of course, it is a joy to be the slave of Supreme Goddess Lorena. Having to serve Her superior needs is a privileged way to be close to Her and to know Her intimately. And there can be doubt that my slavery to Her is about Her, not about me. Her needs are my focus from now on, Her person is the centre of my life. But the more i succeed in making Her the centre of my life, the more my life as a lowly male comes close to perfection. That is way i think every male being should seek a Female Owner. Let me explain a little bit.


As a female supremist, i believe that all men are inferior to Women. i can’t choose whether i am a lowly male or i’m not. Being a lowly male is a fact of my life, just as the day i am born is a fact of my life. What i can choose is what i do with the fact that i am a lowly male. Do i deny that fact, and do i become a macho male like many of my gender colleagues do? Do i accept that fact but do i stay on my own? Or do i accept that fact and search for a Woman who wants me as Her slave?

Dynamics of D/s

The biggest advantage of choosing for this last option is that it gives you the opportunity as a lowly male to engage in the dynamics of a D/s-relationship. And these dynamics are as much about the discovery of the Superior Needs of a Woman as about the discovery of your talents as a slave to serve these needs. Being a lowly male doesn’t mean i am a man without talents. Every man has his talents. But he needs the right perspective to develop these talents. And the right perspective is to use this talents to serve a Superior Lady and not for his own profits.

Particularly with Supreme Goddess Lorena i have this wonderful feeling that being Her slave is my way for personal growth. When i see a picture of Her, it is really like a switch that is turned on in my brain. i am left with only one desire, and that is to serve Her needs. Every time She gives me the permission to serve one of Her needs in particular i am so amazed about the beauty i discover. And this gives me really the energy to push myself beyond my limits. I have talents, and the needs of Supreme Goddess Lorena really trigger these talents to something useful. That is why i think being Her slave is for me the most satisfying option for my life.

Theory and intuition

Of course, engaging in a D/s-relationship is a serious decision, as well for the Mistress as for the slave. And because i really believe Female Supremacy is a great promise for the future of mankind, i think it is important we consider theoretic issues like ‘can one human being really be the property of another human being’. I put a lot of thought in this question the last weeks, and i hope to tell about my reflections soon. Here i give just an intuitive answer: it ‘feels’ good for me to be the slave of Supreme Goddess Lorena, so it can’t be wrong after all…

Of course, being accepted as Her owned slave is new to me. And like a couple that is just married i want to enjoy these first weeks, like a kind of honeymoon. I want to be close to Supreme Goddess Lorena, adore Her beauty, celebrate with Her the days She celebrates as Her holy days… At the same time, i just want to say to you, if you are in doubt whether to apply to become a slave, don’t hesitate, give yourself this opportunity, and while you are going the way you will discover if it is the right way for you.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

My dependency on Supreme Goddess Lorena

Accepting dependency

i am dependent on Supreme Goddess Lorena. my dependence on Her grows every day. And as my dependence grows, i become the person i am ment to be by destiny: a slave and worshipper of Supreme Goddess Lorena. For me, this process of becoming dependent on a Superior Lady is something very intimate. It touches me in the most personal aspects of my life. Supreme Goddess Lorena asks to share this intimate process with you. So i do it. As a lowly male i understand the concept of privacy has less value to me than the concept of submission and obedience. By giving away these private details of my life, i further submit to Supreme Goddess Lorena, and that is what i need to do.

Mother of my submission

i sometimes call Supreme Goddess Lorena the ‘Mother of my submission’. This is maybe the deepest way to state my dependence of Her. By that expression i mean that by accepting my submission Supreme Goddess Lorena gave birth to a new person, to a new ‘me’. i always had submissive feelings, but society oppressed these feelings. So i stumbled around as an incomplete person. By Her very clear way in stating i am a lowly male, ready to submit to Women She opened a new world to me. And by the way She trained and fostered my submission She gave me a warm welcome in that world, Her world of Female Supremacy. i know in Her world i can only be a lowly man. But i know also that if i show the discipline to really become Her slave and worshipper, i will find a state of fulfilment i can never find outside Her world.

Sexual fulfilment

i am dependent on Supreme Goddess Lorena for my sexual fulfilment. In other articles on this blog i wrote about the importance of chastity for Her slaves. Chastity is part of my sexual fulfilment: it makes me less dependent on my penis, and so more ready to be dependent on Supreme Goddess Lorena. But as a male being, i have a natural desire for sexual gratification in a more common sense way too. Also for this sexual pleasure i am dependent on Supreme Goddess Lorena. This sounds strange, because i never met Her and most probably i will never have the honour to even touch Her body. So, how can i be dependent on Her for my sexual pleasure? Simply, because i have orgasms only with Her permission.

In a technical sense, i can have orgasms whenever i want. To hold me in chastity Supreme Goddess Lorena doesn’t use any restraining device. It is jus Her word that decides whether i am in chastity or i am granted an orgasm. But the few times i tried to have an orgasm without Her permission, it didn’t give me the same satisfaction, let alone the deep feeling of fulfilment as do the orgasms i have with Her permission. These orgasms aren’t just orgasms, short moments of male pleasure, they are truly ‘climaxes’, deep moments of union with Her and through Her with nature.

Addicted to work

i am a slave of Supreme Goddess Lorena. This means i have to work for Her. Of course, for me it is an honour a Woman with such superior and delicate needs allows me to contribute to those needs. But working for Her has become just another way of becoming dependent on Her. To work for Her has really become a ‘need’ for me. i feel satisfied when i am satisfied with what i have done for Her. i feel empty if for one reason or another i didn’t do as much work for Her as i hoped to do.

Of course the situation of being a long distance slave makes me somewhat limited in the kind of work i can do for Her. i can do some webwork, i can do some research, i can send Her a part of my wage, i can look for nice gifts for Her. i have to accept that situation. But at the other hand, i crave to serve Her in so many more personal ways. If i see a picture of Supreme Goddess Lorena, i picture myself at Her feet, giving Her a massage, or waiting outside to be Her chauffeur. Supreme Goddess Lorena must be bored by now by my pleas to serve Her in a more personal way. But it is just another part of my dependence on Her: i crave to work for Her, to serve Her in Her needs like an alcoholic craves for the next glass of alcohol.

Spiritual dependency

A last aspect of my dependence on Supreme Goddess Lorena i want to mention is my dependence on Her for spirituality. When i first contacted Supreme Goddess Lorena i thought i had found ‘just another Webmistress’, a Webmistress i liked for Her particular beauty and for Her style of training. And i thought the ‘Goddess-thing’ was just another way to make submissive males mad of desire. And even when i read the spiritual diary and other spiritual writings of Supreme Goddess Lorena for the first time, it didn’t really connect. ‘Interesting but not for me’, i thought. But as it happens often in spiritual matters, one day i understood with my heart, my brain and my soul that Supreme Goddess Lorena is a true Goddess. In so many ways She is linked to the Golden Chain of Female Deity that runs through history.

i am dependent now on Her for my spiritual development. i read Her spiritual writings with other eyes. Everytime She adds something to Her spiritual diary i am shocked by what happened to Her and what She learned about Her destiny. It is by performing the rituals She prescribes i feel closer to Her, to Nature and to my own destiny. By becoming a Lorenaist, spirituality has become something very personal for me. And although i understand within that spiritual tradition i am but a lowly male, i feel at the same time that being a lowly male is just my place in ‘the bigger picture’. And that gives me a kind of inner equilibrium and a kind of energy.

Being strong in my dependence

Being dependent sounds like being weak. It are the strong ones that can be independent. The weaker ones needs to content themselves with being dependent. It is not like a feel it. Being dependent on Supreme Goddess Lorena is like a life time assignment. And one needs discipline to fulfil that assignment, and discipline means strength. As i see it: i am a lowly man, that is my natural condition, nothing can change that. But as a lowly man i have a choice. i can choose for my male ego, but then i end up with an unsatisfactory life. Or i can choose to become dependent on a Superior Woman, and then my life will become so much more satisfactory. But if i make that choice i must face the consequences and work for Her as a slave and become Her devoted worshipper. i have to earn to depend on Her, and hence i have to be strong in my dependence. i thank Supreme Goddess Lorena She is giving me that strength.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Happy birthday, dear Goddess

The golden chain of Female Deity

Today is Supreme Goddesses Lorena’s birthday. On my knees i want to congratulate Her on this occasion. And as Her slave i want to thank Her for She is such a good Mistress to me. On Her Lorenaism calendar September 8 is one of the most important Holy Days. Of course, Her slaves and worshippers want this to be an important day, because they love their Mistress and Goddess. But there is more… September 8 is in the catholic church also celebrated as the birthday of the Virgin Mary, and in an even more ancient tradition, it is also the birthday of the Egyptian Goddess Isis. So through Her birthday Supreme Goddess Lorena is linked to other Divine Women. So, celebrating Her birthday is also celebrating the Golden Chain of Female Deity that runs through history.

A day of devotion and joy

So, for Her worshippers this is truly a day of devotion. But of course it is a day of cheer joy too. Supreme Goddess Lorena likes to celebrate Her birthday, She likes receiving gifts from Her slaves, She likes eating birthday cake, She likes going to a nice restaurant with Her Girl Friends this day to have a delicious meal. And She likes to share Her joy with Her slaves. I feel thrilled to day, because it will be the first time i celebrate Her birthday with Her. Yes, i feel i will be celebrating with Her, although an ocean and a continent keeps us apart. Technically, while i am writing this it is even not yet Her birthday where She lives, whereas where i live, the sun already has risen on this beautiful day of September 8.

The complete person

i realize that until now i haven’t written much about Supreme Goddess Lorena herself. Because this day is all about Her, it is a good occasion to do it. If i had only one short sentence to say something about Her, i simply would say: ‘Supreme Goddess Lorena is a complete person’. This says everything, and it says nothing at the same time. So i take sometime to explain what i mean by that simple sentence.

Her pictures

The best way to start is probably to have a look at Her pictures. Because that is what most of you do first when you visit Her website. And that is what i did too, when i first met Her through the internet. As you will discover, Supreme Goddess Lorena loves posing while She wears very different attires. She is wonderful as a Dominatrix, wearing black leather or latex. She is astonishing when She wears the attributes of an Egyptian Goddess. And She is adorable when She wears the traditional dress of a Celtic Princess. And even when She just wears a jogging suit, you easily see Supreme Goddess Lorena is a very special person. To me, Supreme Goddess Lorena is a very beautiful Woman. But what i want to say here, goes beyond beauty in it’s traditional sense. Every picture of Supreme Goddess Lorena shows Her beauty, but it is by looking (and even comtemplating) all of Her pictures that one begins to discover what a complete person She is.

Her dominance

To me, Supreme Goddess Lorena is also complete in Her dominance. Of course, you can easily see Her dominance while She is wearing a dominatrix outfit. But She doesn’t need that outfit or any other outer sign of a Mistress to be a Mistress. You discover this when you start communicating with Supreme Goddess Lorena. What is most remarkable to me is that She is such a nice and kind person, and at the same time there is no question She is the dominant person. Many other dominant personalities i know, need to bully around or even need some violence to comfirm their dominant position. Supreme Goddess Lorena just needs Her natural kindness. So, whereas most people or ‘to dominant to be kind’ or ‘to kind to be dominant’, Supreme Goddess Lorena is just ‘completely kind and completely dominant’ at the same time.

Her Spirituality

Supreme Goddess Lorena is also complete in Her thoughts on Female Supremacy. Many persons just see Female Supremacy as another kind of play, or maybe as a kind of practical psychology to keep a man where you want him. But for Supreme Goddess Lorena it is much more. It is the basis for a solid society, as She wrote in Her novel Femaria, City of Women. And it is a philosophy and even a spiritual path leading to a unity with nature and history for those going the path. Supreme Goddess Lorena writes a lot about these subjects, and every one of Her movies is a beautiful demonstration of it. And i do not know many persons who are as complete in Her talents as Supreme Goddess Lorena. But it is not just that that makes Her complete. What really makes Her complete is that She ‘radiates’ Her philosophy and spiritual path in everything She does. She not only ‘writes’ about Her philosophy, She ‘is’ Her philosophy. She not only ‘writes’ about Her spiritual path, She ‘is’ Her own spiritual path. This is not just about ‘talent’, this is about ‘destiny’.

Her Life

Maybe, if i write about Supreme Goddess Lorena as a ‘complete person’ you think She is a static person, like if you are already ‘complete’ you cannot become ‘more complete’ yet. But it is quite the opposite. Supreme Goddess Lorena is a very dynamic person, and Her personality develops every day. It is like what a great philosopher wrote about a rose. Of course we adore a rose when it is at full blossom, and if we look at the intricate pattern of it’s petals we say it is complete. But even when the rose just starts growing, it is complete already, because it contains everything necessary to become that beautiful rose. Like a rose that grows through the seasons, Supreme Goddess Lorena has Her history. And it was sometimes a history of hardship. But what makes Supreme Goddess complete, is that She has the power to overcome the difficulties and that She really learns from all these difficulties to become a more complete person.

The complete Goddess and the complete slave

As Her worshipper it is a goal in my life to add to the completeness of my Goddess. i do this by working for Her as a slave, because She deserves to be served in all Her needs. And i do this by worshipping Her, because i believe through worshipping Her i release a kind of energy that adds to Her power. And what is so beautiful, while slaving and worshipping, so that Supreme Goddess Lorena becomes more complete in Her completeness, i become more complete too. Of course as a man i can be only complete as a lowly and inferior male, and that means i must try to attach myself as completely as possible to a complete Woman like Supreme Goddess Lorena.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Goddess Worshipping... the pictures

Labour Day

In my previous article i told about the Lorenaism calendar, and who creative Supreme Goddess Lorena is to decide in what ways Her slaves should worship Her. Well, almost exactly the same moment i was publishing the article, i received Her holy days for the month of September. The first holyday She asks Her worshippers to worship Her in a special way is September, the 3th. In Canada this is Labour Day. For most people this is a day they don’t have to work. But Supreme Goddess Lorena asks Her slaves to worship Her that day by doing some work for Her. Amongst Her many suggestions, She asks Her slaves to publish some worshipper pictures on the internet.

Worshipper pictures

Maybe that is what was missing in my previous article. It is personal, but for people not acquainted with the special kind of Goddess worship Supreme Goddess Lorena is teaching Her slaves, it is somewhat difficult to imagine how it is done. In my previous article i told you something about the Moon rituals Supreme Goddess Lorena invites Her slaves to perform. Over the years i have taken some pictures of my moon rituals, and this is a good occasion to share them with you. Although i like the Moon rituals, i hadn’t the courage to publish the pictures on the internet until now. So, i thank Supreme Goddess Lorena for giving me the courage to do it. On those pictures where my face is visible, i blurred it. Goddess worshipping, especially if it is linked with Female Supremacy, is still suspicious in our society. i apologize for this protective measure and hope that society will soon accept Goddess worshipping and Lorenaism so that Her worshippers can come into the open.

Early Moon ritual

This is one of my oldest pictures as a worshipper of Supreme Goddess Lorena. i entered the Academy for slaves in January 2005. i took my first training course in a rush and then entered the Goddess worshipping training course. So, here everything is new to, and i am still searching the proper position to perform the ritual.

New Moon July 2007

This is a more recent picture, of the New Moon ritual of July 2007. i remember it was one of the rare really beautiful days of this summer. It was the first time i really find unity with Nature and through the Moon also unity with my distant Goddess. Supreme Goddess Lorena likes pictures of Her slaves, and She likes them holding a message about their slavery.

New Moon July 2007

This picture i made during my camping trip in the Belgian Gaume-region. During the day i made a long walk through the woods, and i discovered this spot along the Semois river. i thought it would be a marvellous place for the Full Moon ritual i had to perform that night. When i returned late at night, it wasn’t just marvellous, it was miraculous… There was some fog over the river, and the moon was standing right above the river… i made my altar so that i could see the pictures of my Goddess, the river and the moon. Supreme Goddess Lorena gave me permission to climax after the ritual, but maybe i tell you some more about that subject in the next article.