Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Goddess Worshipping... the pictures

Labour Day

In my previous article i told about the Lorenaism calendar, and who creative Supreme Goddess Lorena is to decide in what ways Her slaves should worship Her. Well, almost exactly the same moment i was publishing the article, i received Her holy days for the month of September. The first holyday She asks Her worshippers to worship Her in a special way is September, the 3th. In Canada this is Labour Day. For most people this is a day they don’t have to work. But Supreme Goddess Lorena asks Her slaves to worship Her that day by doing some work for Her. Amongst Her many suggestions, She asks Her slaves to publish some worshipper pictures on the internet.

Worshipper pictures

Maybe that is what was missing in my previous article. It is personal, but for people not acquainted with the special kind of Goddess worship Supreme Goddess Lorena is teaching Her slaves, it is somewhat difficult to imagine how it is done. In my previous article i told you something about the Moon rituals Supreme Goddess Lorena invites Her slaves to perform. Over the years i have taken some pictures of my moon rituals, and this is a good occasion to share them with you. Although i like the Moon rituals, i hadn’t the courage to publish the pictures on the internet until now. So, i thank Supreme Goddess Lorena for giving me the courage to do it. On those pictures where my face is visible, i blurred it. Goddess worshipping, especially if it is linked with Female Supremacy, is still suspicious in our society. i apologize for this protective measure and hope that society will soon accept Goddess worshipping and Lorenaism so that Her worshippers can come into the open.

Early Moon ritual

This is one of my oldest pictures as a worshipper of Supreme Goddess Lorena. i entered the Academy for slaves in January 2005. i took my first training course in a rush and then entered the Goddess worshipping training course. So, here everything is new to, and i am still searching the proper position to perform the ritual.

New Moon July 2007

This is a more recent picture, of the New Moon ritual of July 2007. i remember it was one of the rare really beautiful days of this summer. It was the first time i really find unity with Nature and through the Moon also unity with my distant Goddess. Supreme Goddess Lorena likes pictures of Her slaves, and She likes them holding a message about their slavery.

New Moon July 2007

This picture i made during my camping trip in the Belgian Gaume-region. During the day i made a long walk through the woods, and i discovered this spot along the Semois river. i thought it would be a marvellous place for the Full Moon ritual i had to perform that night. When i returned late at night, it wasn’t just marvellous, it was miraculous… There was some fog over the river, and the moon was standing right above the river… i made my altar so that i could see the pictures of my Goddess, the river and the moon. Supreme Goddess Lorena gave me permission to climax after the ritual, but maybe i tell you some more about that subject in the next article.

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